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Yua Aida - Profile

Name: Yua Aida [あいだゆあ]
Birthday: 12 August 1984
Zodiac: Leo
Home: Aichi
Breast: 88 cm (35 in)
Cup: E
Waist: 57 cm (22 in)
Hip: 87 cm (34 in)
Height: 157 cm (5 ft 2 in)
Blood: O
Hobbies: Tennis, Painting 
Aida was an active girl and involved in many sporting activities during primary and middle school. Tennis was her strongest sport throughout middle school. In high school, she changed her focus from sports to art, an interest she attributes to her mother.
It's difficult to talk seriously about the modern day princesses of Japanese AV without having Yua Aida's name enter the conversation almost immediately. Versatile, shapely, energetic, sexy, and drop-dead gorgeous, Yua Aida is the cream of the cream of the crop of AV idols.

Yua sprung to the top fast, entering the AV world almost straight after high school graduation in 2003. Being exposed to art at an early age made her comfortable with her body and nudity. She and Sora Aoi entered the JAV world at nearly the same time, and the two of them continue to maintain dominance at S1 studios. Take some time to check out some of Yua's videos, and you'll soon know why Yua is as popular as she is, and why she received the AB Grand Prix Actress Award in 2006. In a recent interview she said she was surprised at how much strength was needed to be a great JAV actress. Well, Yua, you have it, so let's enjoy it together!
Being one of our most popular actresses...ever...we have nearly 50 Yua Aida titles available. Why so many? Simply, her fans can't get enough. A recent title that has really burned up our charts is Yua Aida in "Violent Piston". Don't let the name fool you, there is nothing violent about super-sexy addition to her library. Fans of long-haired girls especially will like this one. "Infinite Bako Bako" is a great smorgasbord of Yua's abilities. This is mostly one-on-one stuff, but that is really where she shines. Her ability to make her man feel like an Adonis is one of the reason's she stands on top of the JAV mountain. For those that like a little more story, don't miss "Teachers Bang Bang Class". Yua plays a teacher that gets caught making it with a student. The downward spiral of sexual blackmail will be sure to make an upward rise in your shorts.

On 12 July 2007, Aida announced in her blog that she was retiring from appearances in AV, but planned to continue appearing in gravure and non-pornographic "Image" videos.
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